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email800 our classic one

T-piece with Email 800

Our email800 quality is high resistant, corosion resistant, abrasion resistant and diffusion safe by long service life Tese characteristics are confirmed by independent controls and labors from the chemical industry in Germany and Switzerland.

Our extreme resistant email800 is coated on pipe parts, fittings, columns and of course on our GMP Bottom outlet valve.

Manifolder with Email 800

Here are some of the results:
Acid Resistance

  • according to DIN ISO 2743 (HCI 20%; 108°C)
  • according to DIN 51174 (HCI 20%; 140°C) abrasion 0.18 mm/year

Alkali Resistance

  • according to DIN ISO 2745 (NaOH 4%; 80°C) abrasion 0.4 mm/year
  • according to DIN ISO 2745 as amended abrasion 0.3 mm/year


Resistance to boiling water

  • according to DIN ISO 2744 (demineralised water at 100°)abrasion 0,02 mm/year

Finally a goog argument of "pro - enamel" is a very good environment - friendly behavior. Production and disposal are in - line with our nature.




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