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email850P - A Special Surface Protection for more process safety

email850P combines improved surface properties, optimized corrosion properties and biologically neutral behaviour giving advantages for operational safety and reduced product contamination in pharmaceutical production processes.

It has significantly better cleanability than the currently used stainless steels 316L because of the optimized topographical roughness (Ra <0,3µm) and the lower adhesion inclination (surface energy).

No change will take place on the product-contacted surfaces after longer operation periods (cleaning-cycles) of the production plant.
Resistance „Multi-purpose“ glass with optimized corrosion properties under alkali attack to meet the requirements of pharma processes


Good cleanability means to avoid cross contamination and short cleaning periods with stable product quality can be avouched.

Process safety means…

  • Special colouring (light blue) in order to easily detect dirt and product residues on the glass surface
  • Optimized lining thickness and pore-structure even for small radii
  • Good contrast between the surface to the process media


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