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Extreme hardness for heavy duty demands

The transport of granulated materials, dusts, slurry, concrete and other materials containing solid matter usually lead to elevated wear and tear within the pipeline system. This is why Düker has developed new enamel types that are characterized by extreme durability:

  • emailABR60 - abrasion-resistant, highly corrosion-resistant enamel
  • emailABR60 - abrasion resistant and extremely hard enamel


The various enamel types differ in their degree of hardness. emailABR60 reaches 6 Mohs on the hardness scale of , and emailABR808 Mohs. Comparison: Regular enamel reaches 4 Mohs, email800 5 Mohs.

The blue emailABR60 is the perfect combination of chemical resistance, comparable to the email800 quality, and a high degree of corrosion resistance.

This type enamel is usually used in process engineering where corrosive media containing solid matter particles need to be transported, even under high temperatures.

The quality of the brown emailABR80, reaching 8 Mohs on the scale of hardness, is currently the most resistant enamel available against abrasive media.


It is used in all areas where solid matter is pneumatically conveyed with high flow velocities. Chemical resistance only plays a minor role here.


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