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System - based solutions bring new dimensions to modern plant contstruction

Time pressure, cost reduction, high flexibility - the traditional plant construction has to face these standards. "Complete offers" are requested for the plant construction of chemical plants, pharmaceutical plant as well as the food industry. "Complete offers" where the supplier overtakes the responsibility for planning of new plants, production, erection, supervision, engineering and commissioning.

DPI is a system based contractor which bundle these services for pipelines and plant construction.

The client has the benefit of custom-made solutions through having to rely on only one basic contractor:

  • Cost and performance oriented plant design
  • Fewer interfaces
  • Efficiency due to cost and control of scheduling:
  • appropriate combinations of services are put together specifically to meet the requirements of the particular project
  • short lines of communication
  • quality through combining the participants’ expertise and know-how
  • flexibility by outsourcing to save in-house resources
  • documentation and passing on of results
  • safety in investment decisions due to minimised risk and the protection provided by the comprehensive service provider’s overall guarantee
  • erection of plant and provision of service after commissioning


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