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A hardness based on fire, water, air and earth is all that is needed for achieving safe production processes in sensitive industries. Enamel is made in a number of stages from quartz, feldspar, borax, soda, saltpetre and metal oxides and by melting at 1.400 °C. The special mix ratio of the basic substances determines the final resistance to aggressive media.
Enamel is therefore a very special surface protection and its uses include the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Extensive internal tests in accordance with DIN, ISO, ASME, factory standards and specific company stipulations ensure optimal certified safety. The easy cleaning of our enamel products is evidenced by QHD certification.

Responding to market requirements, Düker has reduced the radii on flanges by half. The great advantage lies in the significantly better and cheaper cleanability of glass-lined components. 

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