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The basic range of pipeline components

Glass-lined pipes and fittings for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
Special surface protection with our Email 800 for handling aggressive media.
Highly corrosion-resistant to chemicals, diffusion-safe, temperature and wear resistant with long service life. Installed in high quality plants.

The basic range covers nominal diameters from 25 to 800 mm in standard lengths up to 3 meters, respectively, depending upon nominal diameter. The versions can be supplied according to DIN, ANSI and factory standards.

The external finish as a general rule is a primer coating on zinc dust basis. A lacquer or galvanised finish can be applied to order. The fitting of earthing bolts is recommended where static charging problems can occur.

Jacketed pipe parts


Pipes, t-pieces and elbows with heating and cooling jacket offer manifold possibilities for keeping temperatures constant with the same quality features and highest safety standard.


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