Düker GmbH

Highly acid-resistant valves

smooth, scratch-resistant, easy to clean

Depending on the model, Düker’s highly resistant valves are rated for use up to 180° C and for pressure ranges between - 1 and + 10 bar. All types can be supplied to meet DIN or ANSI requirements. 

Meeting the elevated safety standards of chemical plants can be ensured with our forged steel valves and steel investment casting components. Especially the pharmaceutical industry values the smooth and scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean surfaces, which are some of the most important assets for optimum results. Quality Hygienic Design (QHD) puts it in black and white.


  • Ball valves
  • Diaphragm valves
  • Sight glass
  • Compact sight glass
  • Cylindrical sight glass
  • DN 25 and DN 50
  • DN 25 up to DN 80
  • DN 25 up to DN 150
  • DN 40 up to DN 200
  • DN 25 up to DN 150 


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